OpinionSite Health 2018 update
We are excited to announce the rollout of an updated reward processing schedule!

Beginning in January 2018, we will begin to process PayPal and E-Gift Card (“Electronic Rewards”) rewards on a weekly basis. We are making this change in order to get you your rewards faster.  

What does this change mean?

  • We have updated our processing of Electronic Rewards from a bi-monthly process to be processed on a weekly basis.
  • Every Monday or first business day of the week ("E Processing date") we will pull all Electronic Rewards requested the previous week (all rewards requested prior to 11:59 PM on Friday) to be processed.
  • We will process and send all Electronic Rewards to community members within 7 business days of the E Processing date
  • For example, if you requested a PayPal reward on Thursday January 4th 2018 you would receive your PayPal reward on or about January 17th 2018 (7 business days from the E Processing date of Monday January 8th).
  • Using the old processing timings, you would not expect to receive this same requested reward until the week of January 29th. Our new updated process will result in getting you your reward 12 days faster!

There is no change to our check processing timings which will arrive 6 to 8 weeks from processing date (end of month). If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to pstuart@opinionsite.com

Thank you for your continued participation and support,
Pat Stuart & Team

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